Book review: Heart Talk – Cleo Wade

Yes! Finally another book review. It is always exciting to look at my planner and see I get to write a book review, because I just love rethinking about books I have read in the past and to form my opinion about it, again. So, let's get started, shall we? The book that will be … Continue reading Book review: Heart Talk – Cleo Wade

Dear rapist…. – a letter

Dear rapist, It might start off as a joke. How many women can you touch in one night? But it is not a joke. Because this 'joke' turns out to work. You perhaps like touching women. And then you notice something else. The more you touch them and behave with dominance, the more fear they … Continue reading Dear rapist…. – a letter

Poem: broken friendships make broken people

Broken friendships make broken people It is my fault I broke the rules I became mad Or moody I broke the law Of friendship Of perfection I gave up my reputation for one person Then messed up my reputation for that person I did unexplainable things While drowning in myself That person didn’t know life … Continue reading Poem: broken friendships make broken people

Summary (+ 2 useful checklists)

Next week, a lot of students will be starting their school year. Discussing the major tips & advices I have talked about this week & that are suitable for the upcoming school year, I hope that with this summary you will feel ready for this year! As a bonus, I will share 2 checklists to … Continue reading Summary (+ 2 useful checklists)

Explaining anorexia nervosa

A mental illness that is known to many people is anorexia nervosa. A common fact and how people perceive this eating disorder is as 'someone being very thin and who is not eating'. Now, this is mostly true but there are many forms of anorexia nervosa. In this article we will talk about: What is … Continue reading Explaining anorexia nervosa